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There is also an introduction to each text to help in understanding its context and significance together with background notes linked with the text, carefully prepared printable versions, a site search engine and many other helpful features; Gives easy access to complete Greek and Latin texts which are in the public domain and translations where found available from the first five centuries. There are carefully indexed links to authors and their works, including an index of commentaries, homilies etc.

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Nearly all of the Greek and Latin texts from this period contained in the Migne Patrologia series are covered. Some other sources are also used. The texts used are the scanned versions available at Google Books and elsewhere. A distinctive feature of the Early Church Texts website is that where English translations have been found available online they can easily be read immediately alongside the original Greek and Latin. A sample text is here.

Click here for more information. Check out the video demo of the site. Click here to go to the Early Church Texts Home Page for the publicly available version of the site which has just the original Greek and Latin texts with dictionary lookup links. For UK click here. Letter LIII. Then going through the two Testaments in detail he describes the contents of the several books and the lessons which may be learned from them. He concludes with an appeal to Paulinus to divest himself wholly of his earthly wealth and to devote himself altogether to God.

Written in a. It signifies word and reason and reckoning and the cause of individual things by which those which are subsist. All of which things we rightly predicate of Christ. This truth Plato with all his learning did not know, of this Demosthenes with all his eloquence was ignorant. He also who was hidden in a mystery is the same that was foreordained before the world. Now it was in the Law and in the Prophets that he was foreordained and prefigured. For this reason too the prophets were called seers, because they saw Him whom others did not see.

Abraham saw His day and was glad. The heavens which were sealed to a rebellious people were opened to Ezekiel. In the apocalypse a book is shewn sealed with seven seals, which if you deliver to one that is learned saying, Read this, he will answer you, I cannot, for it is sealed. Yet although he had the book in his hand and took into his mind the words of the Lord, nay even had them on his tongue and uttered them with his lips, he still knew not Him, whom—not knowing—he worshipped in the book.

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Then Philip came and shewed him Jesus, who was concealed beneath the letter. Wondrous excellence of the teacher! In the same hour the eunuch believed and was baptized; he became one of the faithful and a saint. These instances have been just touched upon by me the limits of a letter forbid a more discursive treatment of them to convince you that in the holy scriptures you can make no progress unless you have a guide to shew you the way. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Return to Book Page. The volumes cover the beginning of Christianity until medieval times. Jerome Letter I. To Innocent. Letter II. To Theodosius and the Rest of the Anchorites. Letter III.

To Rufinus the Monk. Letter IV. To Florentius. Letter V. Letter VI. To Chromatius, Jovinus, and Eusebius. Letter VIII. To Niceas, Sub-Deacon of Aquileia. Letter IX. To Chrysogonus, a Monk of Aquileia. Letter X.

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To Paul, an Old Man of Concordia. Letter XI. To the Virgins of Aemona. Letter XII. To Antony, Monk. Letter XIII. To Castorina, His Maternal Aunt. Letter XIV. To Heliodorus, Monk. Letter XV. To Pope Damasus.

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Letter XVI. Letter XVII. To the Presbyter Marcus. From Pope Damasus. Letter XX. Letter XXI. To Eustochium. To Marcella. Letter XXIV. Letter XXV. Letter XXVI.

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Letter XXIX. Letter XXX. To Paula. Letter XXXV. Letter XL. Letter XLI. Letter XLII. Letter XLIV. Letter XLV. To Asella. Letter XLVI.