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Racial/Ethnic Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Sociology #35

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Bias and the Role of Race

Knowing I wouldn't want to explore this with a man, I looked for a female therapist and by chance ended up with a woman of color. Our shared experiences as marginalized people made me feel safe, understood, and validated. She understood how the subtle nuances of my oppression impact all aspects of my life, including my mental health. She understood racial income disparities the Economic Policy Institute reported in that black women would have to work seven additional months to make as much as white men do in a year, for example , and she took that into account when suggesting coping mechanisms holistic treatments, classes, and even medication can be expensive and out of reach.

Her language was inclusive, empathetic, and intersectional, and it helped me immensely. A few years later, my partner and I moved to her hometown of Atlanta. Having to live in a state where the majority of the people voted for Donald Trump—who emboldens racists with his dog-whistle rhetoric and whose policies further marginalize people of color—heightened my anxiety.

Integrating Race and Class into Transference-Focused Psychotherapy

Simply existing in this place, at this time, was triggering, and I needed to resume therapy. I ended up in the office of a white woman, and at first this seemed fine. We talked through some recurring issues with my sexual assault. She offered helpful techniques for insomnia.

Race-Based Trauma: The Challenge and Promise of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy - MAPS

She was warm and engaging. But our sessions took a weird turn when some of my anxiety about my income and struggle with friends and family intersected with racial oppression and microaggressions. She believed if I just applied myself more, I would have a successful career. I was dismissed when I insisted that there were systemic problems at play. Transcultural therapy addresses this political resistance and challenges the dormant racism within psychotherapy and has been described by McKenzie-Mavinga as:. In this approach, consideration is given to origins and belief systems that mirror and influence identity, personal experience and the social impact of oppressions, within the therapeutic relationship '.

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The impact of oppression and racism is far reaching for all cultures, past and present; and, it is essential for everyone to have a safe place to explore and heal from the trauma that has been carried by generations. Curry, A.

The ‘drugs v talking’ debate doesn’t help us understand mental health | Simon Wessely

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Minding Race and Class in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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